Hey you, stalk much?

Just kidding. So glad you checked us out. Your search for who we are, what we are and why us, ends right here.

Who Am I ? / Who are we?

I’m Pradeep, Editor of Top 5 Picks. Yeah, you guessed it right. I had to put myself through 4 years of Engineering just to prove I’m one. Need to live up to the stereotypes, you see.

Why I’m the right person to trust for this job?

Niche is an entire universe in itself. No matter how much your wisdom is about it, there always more things to discover and new content coming up. I have experience only in some niches. If you ask me to review tools / services in the Online Marketing Niche, I can test them all day long and give my inputs on it. I can review topics related to Cryptocurrencies and give you expert opinions on it, because I have been spending a lot of time on it lately.

Though, if you ask me to give suggestions on ” Best Credit Cards in 2019 “, I have no idea. Not to brag but it is because I haven’t owned a single credit card till now and I don’t intend on getting it any sooner.

That’s when it hit me. The thought of starting a website and making the Influencers or the Niche Experts post/rant on topics of their respective expertise. The idea was so good, I couldn’t wait to get started.

How we plan on operating / The process / Our Stairway to Success :

In the ocean of Niches, this is how I equip our website to have content that are beyond me or too little familiar for me.

I have friends who are professional Fashion bloggers, to whom topics/niches like “Best Women’s handbag” or ” Best shoes for men” would be a child’s play.

I have other friends who are into the whole “Body Building space” thingy and they knows what’s the “Best top 10 Supplements for Pre-workouts” or even “Top 10 brands for exercise equipment”.

I can go with many more examples and bore you, but I hope you got the point. It is a matter of establishing contacts with niche experts in various areas which yields me a good vantage point into the whole idea of product review space. Our website will be an equipped ground with topics like gaming, fashion, health and fitness etc, that constitute the top niches with excellent and on-point reviews.

This is how we plan on bringing various topics under an umbrella and continue to provide top-notch content/service for the you.

How can you add value ?

In some unfortunate cases where you might feel that the products recommended by us might not be a great fit, please be outspoken about it. Please write to us about the sound alternatives that you found to be better than our recommendations, so that even if we are not aware (which we usually are not), we will make sure to update our knowledge and recommendations.